Free Guide to Making Time out Dolls

How to Make Time-out-Dolls:

Supplies needed:

(1) 2 bags of polyfill

(2) 1 pr. adult pantyhose preferably nude or beige

(2) 1 pr. size 0-1 girls tights

(3) 2 bags of doll hair

(4) 3 wire hangers (5)boy or girl clothes size 4 months to 12 months

(5) 1 pr. newborn shoes size 0

(6)  Masking tape.
STEP-1 Straighten out the 3wire hangers and then you bend 2 of them close to the  top of the curve and then you tape it together.

STEP-2 Take the 3rd hanger and bend it in half then tape that to the legs, now you should have your frame finished.

STEP-3 Slide the legs through the child’s tights and then fill with polyfill.

STEP-4 Take your adult hose and cut legs off 3/4 of the way then cut again about 6 in. length. Fill the arms with fiberfill then tie the opening of each arm together.

STEP-5 Slide arms through the opening of the shoulders which is the 3rd. hanger that u bent in half then you sew the opening of the body around the middle of the arms.

STEP-6 Now you take what is left of the adult stockings turn it inside out and tie the legs together in a knot turn back inside right and fill with polyfill until you have a good head size then sew to body.

STEP-7 Dress the doll fully

STEP-8 Fake hands and sew bottom of it to face to where the eyes would be,

STEP-9 hot glue the hair on! Be careful that you do not burn yourself.
[My name is Nancy. I make all types of time-out-dolls, the “reg.boy” and girl for $30.00. Santa for Christmas for $40.00 a baby Angel sleeping on a pillow for $35.00. Also for Easter I make a rabbit holding a basket with goodies in it for $40.00.]

White apple barrel pain, black apple barrel paint, a small black hat, string
step 1) Paint your light bulb all white

step 2) When dried with your black paint put dots for the eyes, nose, mouth and 3 dots for the buttons.

step 3) When dried tie string around the top of bulb put a hole in top of hat and put string through the hat and hot glue hat to bulb. Now your ornament is finished.

If you need materials or anything else craft related, check out:

Http://  – It is full of great crafty resources.

More Resources:
We also have a Ghost time-out-doll for Halloween, Gift baskets for the expected Mom and the bathroom bouquet, which is new.
2 washcloths, 1 rubber band, glue gun and sticks, lace, ornament or flower
STEP1) Take 2 contrasting color washclothes laying one on top of each other with corners touching

STEP 2) Roll top cloth 2 rolls to center due same to other side the the same to bottom cloth you now have 4 rolls

STEP 3) Fold clothes backwards where rolls are on the outside and gather at top placing rubber band around it to make a basket.

STEP 4) Place bar of soap into the opening made underneath the rubber band. Glue the lace around the rubber band with your glue gun.

STEP 5) Add flower or ornament to cover the place you glued lace together it covers the front of your project. Now your bathroom bouquet is finished.

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