Hidden Fees on the Bill of Sale

In light of our gloomy economy, salespeople are looking for more ways than ever to trick you and make you pay more for your car. If you are buying your car below invoice, as this site will teach you, salespeople are hard pressed to find additional ways to pick up the deal and make a profit.

Clearly, your goal is to avoid any hidden fees on the bill of sale. For this to happen, you first and foremost need to ask for a copy of the actual bill of sale, with every charge and fee listed line by line.

In a perfect world, when you add all of the items up on the bill of sale, they will correctly add up to your bottom line number, which you either finance or write a check for.However, this is not always the case. If you add up all of the items on the bill of sale and the amount of smaller than your bottom line, out the door figure, you have a problem. Be up-front with your salesperson, and show him your calculations. Be firm and state that you are only willing to pay the figure that you calculated.

This is simply math, addition, and there is no reason why these figures should add up differently any way you calculate it. Ask to speak to the manager if your salesperson gives you a hard time.

Only the scummiest salespeople try to hide fees in the bill of sale without disclosing them to the customer, so hold your ground, and do not take no for an answer. Do not be afraid to walk out of the dealership and take your business elsewhere.

You have a voice online, whether it be blogging, Facebook, Twitter, or DealerRater. I am sure everyone would like to hear about your poor experience at the dealership, and avoid that dealer when shopping for their next car.

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